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Embracing the Holiday Spirit with Club Curran Shop

The holidays can be a minefield, but they’re also the perfect excuse to show your loved ones how much you care. Let’s be honest, we’re all tired of the same “Top 10 gifts for your gay BFF” articles from You Know Where. At Club Curran, we’ve been on a mission to find the most fabulous gifts from queer-owned brands that are sure to spread some holiday cheer. So basically, here’s your “Best Queer Brands to Shop for All Your Friends!” list instead. Added bonus: 3% of all sales from the shop will go to the Ali Forney Center, setting the precedent for CURRAN’S mutual-aid program where we will reserve 3% of profits from our monetization efforts to redistribute to the queer community.

Our store is so much more than just a shopping destination. It’s a place to come together, connect with others, and express your true self. From edgy streetwear to vibrant statement pieces, we’ve got everything you need to shine bright and make a statement. We believe that fashion, beauty, wellness, and art should be inclusive and accessible to everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. That’s why we’re proud to support independent queer designers who are breaking down barriers and paving the way for a brighter future. So welcome, shop queer, and join the Club Curran family!

Boy Smell

Co-founded by Matthew Herman and David Klien, Boy Smells aims to make high-quality candles and fragrances accessible to everyone. We appreciate the brand’s queer foundation and the amazing queer talent they collaborate with. This collection of three miniature candles is perfect to give as one gift or three separate gifts.

NOTO Botanics

Gloria Noto’s gender-expansive brand offers a range of all-natural beauty, skin, and body care products that nourish your skin. A unique commitment to the community sets NOTO apart and our custom lavender hue stick is perfect for all ages and safe on all skin types. Mostrar um artigo random desta marca

Collina Strada x Curran

Hillary Taymour’s brand is a powerful statement against the wasteful practices of the fashion industry. The vegan and upcycled fashion garments are luxurious and inclusive, with a limited quantity of Curran x CS bows available. Great for hair, neck, pants/skirts, bag flair, and even more intimate moments 😉

Kim Mesches

Designer and stylist Kim Mesches has created custom pieces for some of the biggest names in entertainment. Curran worked with Kim to create a customized handmade bag and we have a very limited quantity of 5 available. It’s artwork, babes.


This trans queer and woman-owned brand seeks to redefine gender and body norms in fashion while expanding access to gender-inclusive functional garments. Literally products designed for all bodies in mind? Does it get better than that? These body-suits, panties, sweatshirts are literally for everybody and are soft, comfortable, durable, and responsibly made.


Fluide is a boundary-breaking makeup brand that had to close its doors during the pandemic. Curran is excited to offer exclusive pieces from their vault and bring back some of the brand’s fan favorites.

Good Light

David Yi’s queer-owned Korean skincare brand offers unmatched products at an affordable price point. Curran is thrilled to offer a special holiday set tailored to those going through hormonal shifts and dealing with breakouts. A limited offering just for the holidays with our Good Light x Curran travel bag!

Both& x Curran

Finnegan Shepard founded Both & to address the fashion industry’s disinvestment in size inclusivity for transmasculine men. The mission has now expanded to spread gender joy for all. This limited run of their best-selling crop top with a C patch ironed on by Curran is a must-have.

Simon Miller x Tommy

Curran founder Tommy Dorfman worked with Simon Miller on their first run of size-inclusive shoes, and we’re excited to share some of the collection with our Curran family.

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